New Orleans Artist Round Table November 2014


Artist Round Table: Voice and the Photographic Essay

If you have reached a point in your photography where you want more than just technically good photographs, where you want to learn to make images that matter, this is a workshop you should consider. Maybe you’ve been sharing your photographs on social media sites like G+ and you’ve received a lot of empty praise like “nice light” or “well framed” or “great timing” and you know there is more to photography than that, then join the conversation at our table. You will spend time with photographers who have chosen to slow down and go deep, who are interested in communicating ideas rather than just what they saw.

Raymond Ketcham has been leading the Artist Round Table (ART) for the past three years and has been mentoring a select few photographers in finding and using their visual voice. We meet on a regular basis through the IDEA groups which started out as an image discussion group and has now grown into a community of individuals interested in discovering more about the world of art. It is a place to bring concepts and ideas forward for discussion and debate and to challenge today’s conventional thinking about making photographs.

William Albert Allard has contributed to more than 40 National Geographic articles since he began his career 50 years ago. He is best known as a people photographer starting with his ground-breaking work on the Amish to his love affair with the American West and his close relationship with the Hutterites in Montana where he maintains a second home. If you aren’t familiar with William Allard, check out this video on the National Geographic site PROOF.

Workshop Details

  • ART will be held from November 9 to 14, 2014 in New Orleans where we have rented a house in the Garden District for the entire group.
  • In-residence spaces are sold out but we will have a couple more spots available for people who do not wish to stay in the house with us.
  • One formal dinner with the instructors is included.

Workshop Outcomes
At the end of the workshop, participants can expect the following:

  • An understanding of how the photographic essay works as a form of visual communication for telling stories and for use by non-governmental organizations
  • An appreciation of how to express their own visual voice in a photographic essay by looking for a unique point of view, holding an opinion, and framing for meaning
  • The ability to identify which elements to look for when photographing and how to recognize them in the environment
  • Skills in how to critique and edit their own work to support the essay form (which photographs to use and why also how to sequence the photographs)
  • To learn how to leverage the images you have when you have limited time to pull together an essay

Who Can Attend 
ART in NOLA is open to past participants and to people who have not yet attended a round table. If this is your first time to ART, please include with your expression of interest, a short paragraph on what you hope to gain from this workshop and what you would bring to the discussion.

US$2,950 (includes accommodations – bed and breakfast) (1 spot available)
US$1,750 (no accommodations) (up to 2 spots available)
US$1,500 New Orleans Photo Alliance Members (no accommodations) (up to 2 spots available)

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ray Ketcham.

If you cannot make it to the workshop, Rear Curtain is also hosting an evening with William Albert Allard on November 15, 2014 from 5pm to 8pm at the New Orleans Photo Alliance, 1111 St. Mary Street, New Orleans, LA. Details are available here.

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